Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Some Wedding Ideas

It's coming... so fast... :| It's exciting and nerve racking and stressful :D Here are a few ideas I have for mah big day: 
This veil is perfect 
Wanna do something similar to this with the boutineers
Lovin' that sign in the middle! "Eat, Drink, and be Married" 
Say yes to bird cages 
Simple and pretty lights 

That's all for now. 


  1. I am diggin' this a lot. For sure. I love the birdcages and the veil...also the boutineer. You've got awesome taste, I know it will turn out great. Where are you getting married?

  2. I hope hope hope(!) it will turn out great. We're getting married in the Albq temple. Man, so, it turns out that the temple is like, a big deal. Hahahaha. The reception will be here in LC at the stake center. That's the part that I'm worried most about! I just personally think that the cultural hall is tacky. It was never my dream to have my reception on a basketball court. I kind of hate sports... :D I hope we can transform into a prettier place.

  3. Haha. The temple? A big deal? I never would have thought. ;) Ahh, I know what you mean. Carpeted walls..basketball court. Not exactly dreamy. I'm sure that you will be able to make it awesome. Not to mention, you'll be so caught up in the throes of love that I bet you wouldn't even realize if you were having a reception in a land fill. :D If you need any help, I will be around. I love love LOVE weddings, and I like to think that I am pretty crafty, so if you need help with little trinkets or anything like that..I'm available way more often than I'd like to admit. Hahahaha.

  4. Oh, those carpeted walls...
    Your help would be appreciated :D We haven't started making decorations yet, but I'll let you know. And you're right, even if it doesn't turn out exactly how I want it, it's not like I'll be paying so much attention to that anyway.

  5. reading this way after the fact - but you're right - after the temple, you won't care hardly at all about the reception. Those banners will do a ton though to help cover it up. that veil reminds me of a wedding reception I once went to, and she reminded me of you - I shall hunt down a picture or something...


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