Sunday, October 10, 2010


Had an awesome date last night :3  Went out to eat, got started on our bridal registry at Bed Bath and Beyond, and carved some little pumpkins. Mine's the kitty. 

I baked some pumpkin seeds for the first time last night as well. They were a good snack to have at church today. 

Yes, the clock on the oven is right. I stayed up a bit late to bake 'em. We bought another larger pumpkin which we'll probably carve next weekend. I should come up with an awesome design... and I should also get some candles for these ones. I hope they look just a cool with a light in them. 


  1. I read the first part as "I got startled on our bridal registry..." and I thought: How could Bed Bath and Beyond possibly be frightening? It's so fluffy!

    But then I figured out I shouldn't read things at 8 in the morning.

    Nice pumpkins!

  2. ha! thanks, dude.
    and it's not only fluffy, it smells good too :)


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