Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Fox's Newborn Photos

These were taken when Fox was about a week old! He's currently six weeks old and 11 pounds! All photos were taken by Let Me See You Sparkle Photography.  Chrissy was amazing with both of my kids! I'm convinced she's a toddler whisperer. 

Of course we must begin with the fox outfit photos. My sister in law made this little outfit for Gwen when she was a baby, way before we dreamed of having a baby boy named Fox. I guess it was meant to be! 

Gwen is still adjusting to having a brother. There have been tantrums and jealousy, but she has sweet moments with him, too. I'll look forward to the day when Fox doesn't need to be held so much and he'll start noticing Gwen. 

I think it's important to mention Ryan's hair color in these photos. He had dyed it brown for Halloween and it was still fading in these photos! I didn't realize that he'd have brown hair by the time Fox was born when I agreed to help him dye his hair, hahaha. I think he looks alright, it's just confusing for people when they see him but can't put their finger on what's changed. 

How cool is it that we made these two little humans? 

My mother in law made this gorgeous blanket- 

Aaaaaaaannnd Gwen steals the show. She's been used to being the main star, I guess I don't blame her for being dramatic. What a diva. 

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