Monday, January 2, 2017

Christmas Morning

If we're friends on Facebook or Instagram, you'll already know that I've had my baby! And not on Christmas!! But before we get into that, I want to post these photos of our very chill Christmas morning. It was our first Christmas in Arizona -we usually go home to New Mexico for Christmas. My mom was visiting to help prepare before and after baby boy arrived, but I didn't include her photos here because she had foam curlers in her hair the night before and was rocking a little fro, haha! So I'm sure she wouldn't appreciate me sharing those photos. But she was there with us! And made Christmas dinner- pesto chicken, pasta, garlic bread, and salad. Nothing traditional. Very low key. It was nice. 

Gwen liked her presents but was kind of confused as to why she was getting them. We haven't introduced the idea of Santa, yet.... and I'm not 100% sure that we ever will? I'll give it more thought for later this year when she's three and is more aware of things like that. But Ryan is completely OK with not doing Santa. 

Of course she loved the chocolate in her stocking! And Toy Story's 2 & 3 from my mom. It was so nice that I didn't go in to labor this day! It was actually a huge relief. I'm glad we could spoil Gwen a little bit in her last couple of days of being an only child. Having a newborn around has been a little rough on her, but she's slowly warming up to him.

I'll be back soon with my birth story!! 

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