Friday, April 22, 2016

21 Day Fix- Week 2

Has my blog completely transformed into a fitness blog? Maybe for the time being. I've probably said this before, but I never ever pictured myself doing something like this... And I'm glad that I am an ever changing human being! In this video I talk about my new favorite "dessert" and I compare Shakeology and Vega One.

This Sunday is the last day of the challenge! Holy heck. I'll be sharing my overall experience with this program and how many inches I've lost (if any) in the third and final video. 


  1. DUDE I have that dress! And I always wear it buttoned up like a chola haha.
    I'm totally on board with the fruit and yogurt dessert. Sounds so good!

  2. You are pretty!! I like your hair and makeup here! I am super impressed how dedicated you are to the nutrition part. I don't think I could do the container things. Mae let me try her shakeology I was impressed how yummy it was. It was the chocolate one. I'd tried protein shakes before when I was pregnant and I thought they were really gross and chalky. Yuck. But yeah it was good! Anyways, I want to try out the 21 day fix once I get settled in our new place. Do you think you will do it again?

  3. Thanks!!!! Not gonna lie, I like my makeup in this vid, too :)
    The container things are pretty hard at first, but it's actually a lot more food than you'd think. Yes, shakeology is very, very good compared to the other brand. I really want to buy it for my next round. Yes, I'll be doing another round after next week when we come home from Las Cruces! I don't think I'd be very good at the eating plan in Cruces with all the mexican food around!!

  4. Yeah girl! I think it looks okay buttoned up, but I also think it makes my short neck look shorter!
    I want some fruit and yogurt now, but we're all out of fruit :(


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