Saturday, January 9, 2016

Snow Day

Soooooooo. I mentioned that I would be making a video about our Christmas...but that did not happen because I didn't take out my DSLR once on Christmas. I was too busy enjoying family time and hanging out in my pajamas for most of the day.
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A photo posted by Beverly Houpt (@bevhoupt) on

I don't regret that I didn't take a video of Christmas day because I made sure to make a video the day after when it snowed! Snow is a pretty big deal in southern New Mexico, so it was such a treat. It happens maybe once every year/every other year, so everyone makes sure to go sledding or build a snowman. It's real cute.

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As you can tell in the video, Gwen is a true Arizonan and doesn't care for snow. It was kind of a bummer, but she has plenty of time to change her mind.

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