Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Baby!?

Oh, so that's why I've taken such a long blog hiatus. I now understand why most gals take a step back from blogging in their first trimester. Oh the nausea! And more importantly, oh the laziness. And lack of motivation.... 
Whenever I would find out that one of my favorite bloggers was pregnant I would get a little bummed out. I mean, of course I was happy for them, but I knew that it meant that they would never blog again or that their blog would completely change. This way of thinking has completely flip-flopped for me: I am now super interested in "mommy-blogs"/"pregnancy" blogs. Because duh. ("We're All in This Together" plays in the background.) So, I guess I apologize in advance for talking about nothing but being pregnant on here. But hey, I really enjoy reading from other preggo bloggers, so maybe there are some of you out there in the same boat as me. 
See the baby's profile?

Aside from all that, we are very excited! I feel that this baby has come at the perfect time. So thank you, heaven and science. 


  1. So excited and happy for you!!! Congrats, Beverly!!

  2. I'm literally jumping for joy right now! Omgsh this is just the most exciting thing.

    Congratulations on the little bub (and bump!) :) Can't wait to follow along on this journey of yours

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!! These pictures are so beautiful! Also, I love that you referenced a HSM song. Love it!!

  4. Congrats! It changes everything, so you really can't help but blog about it.

  5. I KNEW this was coming! I could feel it! SO many congrats to you and you hubby! What an exciting time, and I wish you all the best!!

  6. wahoo! congrats! you are so dang cute! how exciting! love your darling dress!

  7. Congrats!!! :-) Super exciting!! Enjoy a great time in between all the crazy is a wonderful feeling!

  8. Oh congratulations, that's so exciting! Is that dress from Target? haha it was the first pregnancy thing I bought because it's so cute and perfect!


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