Friday, July 19, 2013

A Very Different Look

 Well, I'm putting up these photos a bit late! They were taken a couple of weeks ago when my sister was in town. Check her out on Facebook  and Tumblr. And if you're in the Albuquerque area and looking for a photographer, look no more! That's where she's located~ Speaking of Albuquerque (and New Mexico in general), do I have any followers/fellow bloggers from this state? I have yet to come across another fashion blogger that is located in NM, and honestly, it makes me a little sad. Someone, please direct me to the New Mexican bloggers!
Ashley did my hair and makeup for these photos. I've tried milkmaid braids before, but they never turned out this good. And the red lipstick is another big change. Really, I never wear lipstick... I always think that I want to start, but then I remember that my husband refuses to kiss me when I'm wearing lipstick, so~ (Has anyone else run into this problem?? haha) 
My sister and I. Yeah, I know we look nothing alike. No, neither one of us is adopted. 
I'm going camping this weekend with Ryan's family! 
Hopefully I'll get some good photos to share with you all. Have a fun one! 


  1. No, I don't know any New Mexico bloggers. Hopefully your other readers do. Yes, my husband doesn't like it when I wear make-up (any make-up). He doesn't kiss me when I wear lipstick. So I'm glad to know at least he's normal, he's not the only husband who does that.

    Camping sounds fun.

  2. daaaaannnggg guurrl. i'm totally digging the red lip stick and braid look. class with a little bit of sass.

    xo. m.

  3. I love wearing lipstick, especially red lipstick, but I don't wear it very often because I run into the same problem! Victor always avoids kissing me anywhere around my mouth if I have anything on my lips (even just lip balm!) because he doesn't want to get that "sticky stuff" on him. Men!

    1. Ryan avoids my kisses when I wear lip balm/lip gloss too! Haha, maybe he isn't all that crazy either!

  4. your hair is rockin! the braid, and color, so cute! the red lips, LOVE and darling scarf!

  5. I love this look! You look darling (;

  6. Hey girl! I live in Rio Rancho! I have a blog called Mandy Jean Chic. It is mainly a lifestyle blog with everything I find chic.

    I am following via bloglovin and can't wait to check out some of your posts!

    Take Care,
    Mandy Jean

  7. I LOVE the hair and lipstick. I wish I could master the braid better- and now that my hair is short it doesn't matter, I guess. but really, you are absolutely beautiful.


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