Friday, September 21, 2012

Cool, Not Cool, Undecided

-My sister in law was sealed to her husband last Saturday! 
-Experiencing all of Ryan's siblings together again
-Huge family photo shoot 
-Baking Amish friendship bread 
-Getting an extension to finish my photography project
-Holly invited me to go to The Shins concert in a couple of weeks! And hopefully the Balloon Fiesta. (Crossing my fingers)

Not Cool:
-Procrastinating my paper for art history and only getting 4 hours of sleep
-Injuring my toe and non-stop crying.
-Working on a Friday night for eight hours. 

-Eating nothing but Amish friendship bread
-Trying to figure out who to give the Amish bread starters to. It's a process, people. If I don't give all four away I'll be stuck with more bread to make and more starter bags. 
-Taking the truck to get fixed. We're using one of the in-law's cars in the meantime. 
-Preparing to sing a duet in Sunday school (or rather forgetting about it...)

dress: vintage, blazer: Charlotte Russe, shoes: Payless 

This is the outfit I wore to the temple for my sis-in-law's sealing. I haven't had the time to edit all the photos from last weekend. I got about half of them done this morning, so I might post them Sunday/Monday. This week was crazy busy and it went by so fast! 
Hope you all have a fun weekend :) 

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