Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas With the Houpts

Christmas Eve cookie decorating at the fiance's house: 

I had a very fun Christmas this year, despite that I had to work from 11am to 5pm. I spent the morning at my future in-laws' and the evening with my own family. I feel so very blessed to have two families now. And presents, whoa! I got presents from Santa that included a tripod! A much needed instrument for any photographer, if I do say so myself. Another great gift that Ryan and I received from his parents:
Aw, yeah!! 
It was both a Christmas and Wedding gift. Ryan has been talking about wanting a good TV, and this one is. We watched Across the Universe on BluRay with this last night. Beautiful. 
 Check out Ryan's new hoodie. It's a gift from me. He gave me a gray one without knowing I got him this. How funny :) 

 My favorite Christmas movie! 
 Snowmen candy that Ryan and I decorated :) 


Ya see that baby name book on the coffee table there? That's a prank gift from my future sister-in-law. Ha ha ha? :) 

Hope everyone had an enjoyable Holiday. 

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