Wednesday, August 22, 2012

ABQ Temple Trip

My outfit was inspired by these bloggers: ElizabethMarlen, and Tieka. Go ahead and click on the names to see their mint & mustard outfits :) I was truly excited to see this color pairing for the first time, and even more excited when I realized that I could recreate the look. 

Yes, these photos were taken on the grounds of the Albuquerque LDS temple, with the help of my friend Holly. 

shirt: thrifted, skirt: thrifted/vintage, shoes: Payless, necklace: Splendid  

Some Instagram goodness: 

Of course we had to take a trip to Forever 21 and Trader Joe's. Our sad little town denies us of these luxuries, haha. 

It was a really great trip. We both felt so much peace after our session in the temple. I definitely feel recharged. Come at me, life! 


  1. Oh my garsh! Loving the mustard and mint combo B! The only sad part is that I own no minty goods.. Shall check the thrift store today.. Maybe I'll find something good!


    PS. Love those TJ treats! I definitely need to drink them with milk though!

  2. ah I LOVE mustard and mint together. I seriously couldn't get over your instagram post on it. you look amazing.

    AND I LOVE that dress you found with the peter pan collar. ugh. I want it SO bad! great find!

  3. okay i love the outfit! and can't believe it was thrifted! nice job! f21 & trader joe' great :)

  4. and i forgot to say, i love the red purse with that outfit!

  5. Such a cute outfit! I really love those colors together!

  6. I love all these bloggers! I loved that outfit of tieka's. Definitely wanted to recreate it. You're skirt is amazing and the temple looks beautiful! I've never been to that one.



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